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If you wish to place your order with this method, please follow the instructions below.

BEFORE PROCEEDING TO PAYMENT: Please be sure you know the ITEM NUMBERS of the items you are purchasing and have calculated the full amount of your order.

1) Go to the Order Form and calculate the total amount of your order (be sure to add any applicable postage & handling and tax). Please also note the ITEM NUMBERS for the items you are purchasing. (It may help to print out and complete the Order Form first, then refer to it when you proceed to payment.)
2) Click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button above left or below to access the secure payment form. (The button can be also found at the bottom of the Order Form)
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4) On the PayPal order form, under "Item" please list the ITEM NUMBERS of all the items you are purchasing from WCG Comics (i.e., for Rob Hanes Adventures issues 1 and 2, you would type in "RHA1, RHA2"). This will allow us to identify what you have ordered. You will be also asked to provide your mailing address/shipping information at this time.
5) PayPal will then send WCG Comics an email verifying your order and payment, and transfer your payment into WCG's PayPal account.

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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