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No. 30 / May 2007


The landmark 10th issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is due July 2007 (and can be pre-ordered now).

With this issue, the action-adventure series crosses genres again with a full-fledged sports story! (Click on the cover at right for a preview.)

Rob is hired by a minor league baseball team—the Brisbane Chickenhawks—to investigate steroid use, and soon becomes more obsessed with getting a hit than with solving the mystery, leaving it up to his partner, Abner McKenna, to crack the case. Rob’s pursuit for a hit and the resolution of the case eventually come to a thrilling climax in a game with pennant consequences.

All the elements of a classic sports tale are blended with another exciting adventure, so what else could we call it but "The Pride of the Chickenhawks"!

The issue is due out shortly and will be available at the Comic-Con International in San Diego this July.


As noted above, WCG Comics will again exhibit at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 26-29—our 10th year there as an exhibitor!

The show will mark the debut of issue 10 of Rob Hanes Adventures. Additional announcements related to the show will be made through this e-newsletter right before the show, so stay tuned!

If you plan to attend, stop by and say hi! We’ll be in booth S14 again in the Small Press Pavilion!

And coming in issue 11: Pirates and high adventure

The series returns to form when Rob goes to China to help crack down on modern-day pirates. However, Rob soon finds himself over his head when he is kidnapped and imprisoned by an old foe working with one of the most repressive and secretive regimes in the world! You’ll have to read it to believe it in “Rob Hanes and the Pirates”!

The cover and splash page can be previewed by clicking on the cover image below...

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