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Below are some quotes from reviews of Rob Hanes Adventures and Adventure Strip Digest!

"Ask the pros about Randy Reynaldo's Rob Hanes Adventures and you'll hear comparisons to the works of Milton Caniff, Roy Crane, and Frank Robbins. Globetrotting troubleshooter Hanes is, indeed, carrying on the traditions of Terry Lee and Pat Ryan, Captain Easy and Wash Tubbs, and Johnny Hazard." --Tony Isabella, Comic Buyer's Guide

"Randy Reynaldo's black-and-white rendition of his soldier-of-fortune hero's escapes has been one of the industry's quietest treasures. --R.C. Harvey, Rants' N Raves, Comic Buyer's Guide (Dec. 2000)

"Offers a fast-paced story full of action and intrigue, and gorgeous art that's reminiscent of 
such greats as Milton Caniff, Bruce Timm and the great Alex Toth!"--Diamond Dialogue

"The sad news is that only one person is doing classic high adventure in the tradition of Milton Caniff, Frank Robbins and Roy Crane. The good news is that Randy Reynaldo's terrific at it . . . Adventure Strip Digest is a rare delight."--Kurt Busiek (writer/creator of Astro City and Shock Rockets)

"In the great tradition of Milton Caniff and Roy Crane, the world of Adventure Strip Digest and Rob Hanes is filled with snappy dialogue, sultry dames, and certain danger in a world where a pratfall is only a panel away from a bottomless pit! Too bad more people don't do work like this!"-- Karl Kesel

"A post-modern Jonny Quest."--Diamond Dialogue

"A good read set in a genre that is rarely explored in today's comic market."--Indy

"Told in an exciting good natured style that will remind you of master storytellers like Will Eisner, Milton Caniff and Alex Toth."--Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide

"Whoever said that the classical, comic book adventure story--a la Caniff, Herge, or even Barks - was gone hasn't seen a copy of Randy Reynaldo's expressive, action-packed Adventure Strip Digest."--Previews

"If you like exotic locales, heavy chiaroscuro inking and snappy dialogue--check out Adventure Strip Digest." --cat yronwode, "Fit to Print," Comics Buyer's Guide"

"Chances are high you will fall for Reynaldo's stuff in a big way. Lots of adventure and non-stop action from start to finish." --Factsheet Five

"Equal parts James Bond, Marty McFly, Jonny Quest, and Peter Parker, Rob Hanes is as compelling a main character as any in alternative comics." --Previews

"Randy Reynaldo's stories are fast-paced. Exposition is brief, leaving plenty of room for his crisp, linear linework--clearly inspired by later Caniff, or Batman Adventures' Mike Parobeck--to convey the action." --Previews

"Not only is Rob Hanes a cool comic with nifty artwork (that Rob is a hunk, I tell ya!), but there's a radio show too! Well, sorta. At last year's con Randy was selling a recorded tape of an actual radio show written and performed and based on his comic. He played it all day long, each and every single of the con at his table next door to mine and instead of killing him after hearing it over and over, I bought a copy. If ya write him, definitely ask if he still has any tapes for sale. Great stuff." --Teri Wood, Wandering Star #8

"Adventure Strip Digest is now one of my favorite comics. I've gotten hooked on the story and art! When I read my last volume of Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, I thought I'd never have that same hit of entertainment again. Now I want all your other back issues...I read so few comics that I enjoy and my pure thanks for adding one to the list!"-- Mark Wheatley

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