Rob Hanes

Hanes, Robert

Rob is Justice International’s newest agent. in addition to being idealistic and quick- tempered, he’s smart, handsome, a fair shot, yada yada yada. He also tends to get nervous around pretty women, which he encounters a lot in his line of work.

Most of the “old school” agents at JI remain suspicious of this young upstart since he didn’t come in with a traditional military/intelligence background. Rob also has a chip on his shoulder because his father, Patrick, was a U.S. intelligent agent who, if official records are to be believed, went bad.

In his spare time, he likes long walks on the beach and secretly reads comics. He’s also a pisces.


General Amra

General Amra heads the armed forces of the tiny Middle East nation of Koman. The strongman considers the country's rebel forces, which controls much of the nation's outlying areas, a threat to Koman's stability and his personal power. He is rumored to be working to take control of the go eithvernment througher constitutional means or under the guise of a state of emergency. (See Adventure Strip Digest #1.)

General Parvez Amra heads the military junta in charge of the Middle East Kingdom of Koman. He rose to power after leading a military coup that dissolved the country’s fledgling parliament and drove the country’s royal family to exile. Since then, the military strongman has ruled with an iron fist. A political opportunist whose sole goal is to remain in power, he has been expert at pitting East against West for personal and political gain. Though he has positioned himself as an ally in the war on terror and extremists, more recently he has turned to the Russians for support as the U.S. has grown disenchanted with the dictator.

See the Rob Hanes Adventures, Vol. 0 trade paperback


Bolkan, Vojislav

Claiming to be descended from royalty, the self-proclaimed "Prince Bolkan" is a former shoe salesman who has exploited nationalism and instability in his Central European home country for personal and political gain.

He is now a rich and powerful warlord who heads his own paramilitary army called "The White Tigers." His men are paid through plunder, with Bolkan getting a small "tribute" of their ill-gotten gains.

Playing the part of a modern-day Prince, Bolkan has a predilection for wearing Royalist uniforms.

See RHA #4, RHA #13



Clemson is a former CIA agent who now works as a mercenary and hired gun—most prominently as a "capo" for international crimelord Nicolai Korda. He is distinguished by shock-white hair broken by a dramatic streak of black.

See the Rob Hanes Adventures, Vol. 0 trade paperback

Isabella Corbeil

Corbeil, Isabelle

A French agent with the European Union, she has been a faithful ally of Rob’s on some cases and a fierce rival on others when their interests and clientele have differed. Need I add that their combustible love-hate relationship is mutual? Mais, oui!

(Introduced in Adventure Strip Digest #2)


Cox, Jarret

Jarret Cox is one of Rob's CIA handlers. A product of the Cold War, his zealousness is balanced only by his respect for his more moderate partner, Dennis Winger.

Perpetually wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses, Cox makes little effort to hide his dislike for Rob and the legacy of Rob's father.

Anthony Cromwell

Cromwell, Anthony

The son of an estranged and disinherited member of the Drake family (the owners and founders of Drakorp Oil), Anthony Cromwell recently emerged to claim a stake in the family business

Extremely narcissistic and self-centered, he harbors a deep resentment towards the Drake family.

He is married to Caroline Wilde. (See Rob Hanes Adventures #4).



Originally founded in the early 20th century by the Drake family as a mining company in Southeast Asia and the Far East, Drakorp has grown into one of the world's predominant oil companies and multinational conglomerates.

In recent years, the company has experienced an internal power struggle as family members fight for control of the company and the family fortune. (See Adventure Strip Digest #2 and Rob Hanes Adventures #3 and 4.)



Rebel leader opposing the dictatorship of General Amra. Farzi leads a fragile coalition of tribesmen, political parties, and religious faction. Constantly striving to maintain his independence from both the U.S. and Russians, Farzi has been romantically linked with the Princess Chulaborn, a member of the royal family.

See the Rob Hanes Archives trade paperback

Gabriel Evans Girard

Girard, Gabriel Evans

Girard is the director of JI’s New York branch, and Rob’s champion at JI. For the “new world order” and post-9/11 world, Girard felt JI needed new blood and new ideas, and brought Rob into the agency. Gruff on the outside with a gooey center, he’s fiercely protective of the agency and his agents, and has begun to rankle from the pressure of the “suits” on the board of directors that run Drakorp Oil, JI ’s new owners.

Patrick Hanes

Hanes, Patrick
(aka "Glowworm", aka Felix Shannon)

Father of Rob Hanes, Patrick Hanes was assumed dead after disappearing in South America in the 1970s, until recently resurfacing as Felix Shannon, a notorious arms merchant.

Patrick Hanes was a highly respected State Department official where he received many highly visible overseas assignments, including posts in Vietnam, Africa and South America. After marrying into the political dynasty known as the McCay family, Hanes seemed set until allegations surfaced that he was the notorious "Glowworm," a high-level Soviet mole. Before he could be taken into custody, Hanes disappeared, leaving his wife and young son behind. (See the Rob Hanes Archives)



Once the world's premiere assassin, his calling card was to become a close friend of his target before killing them at his leisure.

Unfortunately, Jacoby made the mistake of falling in love with one of his targets, Tiffany Lance, who was under the protection of Rob Hanes at the time. Since then, Jacoby's reputation has been destroyed and he blames Rob for the troubles which followed and forced him to lose his reputation. (See the Rob Hanes Archives.)

JI logo

Justice International

Justice International is a globetrotting troubleshooting agency, also known as “JI” for short. JI is a private investigation, security, and intelligence gathering agency all rolled into one--some call them mercenaries or spies for hire. Regardless of how you classify their services though, with clients ranging from private individuals to major corporations and governments, it’s competitive, busy and competitive work. Ff you’ve got the money, JI can send its agents anywhere at anytime on a moment’s notice.



A tiny Middle Eastern nation by the Persian Gulf. Once a playground for the rich and famous, like many of its neighbors, Koman has fallen prey to civil strife.

Once a battleground between East and West during the Cold War, today a fragile coalition of rebel and fundamentalist forces struggle against the iron fist dictatorship of the powerful General Amra.


Korda, Nicolai

Every hero has his arch enemy, and Rob has a doozy: Nicolai Korda.

An international crimelord of indeterminate Eastern European origin, Korda remains a shadowy figure who runs a vast worldwide criminal network whose reach he constantly is working to expand. Rob remains the one person who has consisently remained the one thorn in his side.


Kwan, Billy

A Hong Kong drug lord. Believed to be killed during an incident involving Rob Hanes, but his body was never recovered. (See Adventure Strip Digest #3.)


Lance, Tiffany

As a reporter for the news weekly Find magazine, Tiffany travels the world on assignment—often bumping into Rob at the latest international hotspots. Saved by Rob from an assassin in one of his earliest assignments, the two have become fast friends and intimate acquaintances. More recently, she has become an on-air cable news network reporter.

See the Rob Hanes Archives trade paperback.


McCay, Thurmond

Thurmond McCay is the current patriarch of the powerful McCay family, a prominent American family dynasty, which has produced several generations of statesmen and industrialists, including lawyers, bankers, businessmen, legislators, and ambassadors.

McCay's direct descendants are his daughter, Sharon McCay, who married Patrick Hanes in the 1960s, and his grandson, Rob Hanes, the only child of Patrick and Sharon McCay Hanes. After the disappearance of Patrick Hanes in the 1970s and the death of his daughter shortly thereafter, McCay became the legal guardian for his grandson, who he tried to groom as the heir to the family dynasty.

McKenna, Abner

Abner is rob’s sometime partner, best friend and mother hen at JI. Strictly speaking, Abner isn’t a field agent, and he likes it that way. The less work and danger the better, but he’s also Rob’s conscience and voice of reason. But if you’re in trouble, there’s no one better to count on.

(See Adventure Strip Digest #3 and the Rob Hanes Archives.)


Princess Chulaborn

The daughter of an exiled Middle East monarch, the Princess Chulaborn is a spoiled royal with little experience in the "real world." While projecting a cool exterior, she is in reality a very naive and insecure young woman who often finds herself being taken advantage of -- as a young jetsetter, she is popular fodder for supermarket tabloids. Rob first meets her while serving as a bodyguard for her. (See Adventure Strip Digest #1 for details.)

The daughter of the deposed royal family of the Middle East Kingdom of Koman who is known more for her jet-setting lifestyle than her political acumen. Romantically linked to Sayed Farzi, the head of Koman’s rebel army.

See the Rob Hanes Archives trade paperback



A hired thug whose sole existence seems to be to make Rob's life miserable. Huge, lantern-jawed, and curly haired he often pops up as the right-hand man for Rob's villain-of-the-moment, usually with the instructions to beat the living tar out of Rob. Rocco is always in a perpetual squint, wears leisure suits that show off his barrel-chested (and hairy) chest, and NEVER speaks. (See the Rob Hanes Archives for details.)


Vilnius, Katya (aka The Siberian Minx)

A physician/pediatrician from the former Soviet Union, she is a human rights activist who often insists in going into the world's most dangerous areas to provide humanitarian aid; like Rob, she has little tolerance for human suffering caused by political and nationalistic posturing. Often working under the auspices of the United Nations, she has been known to enter politically explosive regions on her own, often to the ire of local governments, politicos, and despots. While trying to combat Russian government corruption, she briefly led a bandit army under the alias, the Siberian Minx.

(See Adventure Strip Digest #2 and Rob Hanes JI #1.)


Wilde, Caroline (later Cromwell)

Caroline Cromwell (nee Wilde) is Rob’s unrequited love--who also is married to another major nemesis of Rob’s, Anthony Cromwell. once a spoiled heiress from a good family, she showed a lot of true grit when she hit bad times. her husband is an unrepentant scoundrel, but she remains true to him since he was the one person who remained by her side when she fell from grace. the last time rob saw her, she revealed to rob she was expecting!


Winger, Dennis

A senior CIA official and handler for Rob, he is also partner to Jarret Cox. While much less dogmatic than Cox, he is often willing to cut Rob a lot of slack, primarily because he knows Rob is honest and dependable.