Date: July 7, 2004
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Rob Hanes Adventures NEWS BRIEFS

With a new issue of the globetrotting action series ROB HANES ADVENTURES about to ship to stores, and another issue (#6) currently in solicitation for release in September 2004, WCG Comics recently made several announcements about upcoming projects and its summer convention plans.


Rob Hanes Adventures #6 -- currently available for pre-order from Diamond Comics Distribution and other major distributors -- features a "return to the basics" that have made the independent series a standout for fans of high adventure and quality black-and-white art.

Like all issues in the series, RHA #6 is complete and self-contained, and makes an excellent "jumping in" point for new readers. In "The Hunt for Octavius Jebru," Rob travels to the French Alps in search of a missing rogue scientist and finds himself battling terrorists on skis, an avalanche, and budget cuts at his home agency, Justice International. He's helped on his mission by a Middle Eastern beauty and a female French intelligence agent.

Issue 6 also features a return to the kind of light-hearted adventure stories that distinguished the series in its early days. In addition to the usual globetrotting high adventure, beautiful women, and the "ripped from the headlines" quality of the stories, readers will find a renewed emphasis on humor, which has been absent in recent issues.

"Issue 6 starts a whole new era for the series, "said RHA creator Randy Reynaldo. "I always intended for the series to move beyond high adventure into other genres. Upcoming stories include a drawing room mystery, a safari, a romance, and even a sports story!"


WCG Comics will have a table in the Small Press Area of the Comicon International: San Diego, July 22 - 25, 2004 -- booth R4 in the Small Press Area (aisle 1900). Issue 5 will debut at the show, coinciding with its appearance in retail stores.

An ADVANCE LIMITED EDITION of issue 6 of Rob Hanes Adventures will also be available at the show, concurrent with its appearance in distributor catalogs. The direct-sales edition will be in stores in September 2004.


Nearly the entire run of Rob Hanes stories is now available in two specially-priced back-issue collector sets titled ROB HANES: THE EARLY ADVENTURES. The first set (#0) collects issues 1 to 4 of the character's previous series, Adventure Strip Digest, for $7.95. The second set (#1) collects issues 1 to 4 of Rob Hanes Adventures for $8.95.

Each set includes 4 complete comic-books poly-bagged together with a special frontispiece. The page count for each set totals 128 pages. These are great bargains, and a way for readers to catch up on the series and complete their ROB HANES collection. Each issue included in these sets is also still available individually, while supplies last. The collections will be available through distributors that specialize in back issues, including FM International and Cold Cut Distribution.

The packs also will be available at the Comicon International in San Diego, July 22 - 25, 2004.

Also still available is the ROB HANES ARCHIVES trade paperback, a 144-page collection of the first stories from the series, which began as a zine.


The Reading Room at the website offers free comics in their entirety. Currently available is "The Glowworm Conspiracy" from the Rob Hanes Archives trade paperback, which kicks off the story arc concluded in Rob Hanes Adventures #5, which is about to ship to retail stores. In the story, Rob discovers that his father disappeared when Rob was a young boy because of allegations that he was "Glowworm," a notorious Cold War double agent for the Soviet Union. In RHA #5, Rob finally uncovers the truth behind the accusations!


ROB HANES ADVENTURES features the globe-spanning adventures of a private investigator who works for worldwide Justice International. As a modern-day "soldier-of-fortune," Rob travels the world on assignment in stories that often mirror real-life world events. More than 20 stories, totaling more than 350 pages, have appeared since the series debuted in comic-book format in1994.

Every issue of the current series, Rob Hanes Adventures, features a complete, full-length black-and-white story, with a full color cover and $2.95 U.S. cover price. All back issues in the series are still available. The series is a 1995 Xeric Foundation award winner and past nominee for the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer, which is presented annually in conjunction with the Will Eisner Awards.


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