Date:  February 9, 2004
Contact: Randy Reynaldo, Publisher, WCG Comics
10736 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 403
Culver City, CA 90230-4969
Tel: 310-558-3611


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Additional NEWS BRIEFS from WCG

Attached is a press release from WCG Comics about the return of its flagship title, Rob Hanes Adventures, in June 2004. Below is a synopsis of the release, as well as additional news briefs from WCG Comics. For more details about any of the items below, feel free to contact WCG Comics.

  • Rob Hanes Adventures returns June 2004 with issue 5. The issue will wrap up the "Glowworm" story arc that has been running in background continuity for several issues. In the story, Rob learns the truth about whether his father was indeed a Cold War-era double agent known as "Glowworm" for the Soviet Union.
    Beginning with issue 6, the series returns to its roots by focusing on fast-moving, stand-alone adventures that feature plenty of action, exotic locales, beautiful women, and humor. Every issue of Rob Hanes Adventures features a complete story and 32 black-and-white pages, with a full color cover and $2.95 U.S. cover price. All back issues in the series are still available.
  • WCG has significantly expanded the website. A new Reading Room has been added that includes stories in their entirety, available for free. The Reading Room is a great way for readers unfamiliar with Rob Hanes Adventures to sample stories from the series' archives.
    Other added features at the site include a new e-mail newsletter for fans of the series; a "Publishing 101 FAQ," which is a primer for cartoonists interested in self-publishing; online reprints of previously-published essays and articles written by WCG Publisher Randy Reynaldo; and an expanded Retailer Support section, that features shelf-talkers, a sign-up list for e-mail and "snail mail"retailer-only newsletters, a new "featured retailers" section, and other services intended to help retailers promote Rob Hanes Adventures in their stores.
  • All back issues of the series remain in print. This includes 4 issues of Adventure Strip Digest, now available in a specially-priced 4-pack collection; the Rob Hanes Archives, a 144-page trade paperback that collects the early small press zine run of the series; and 4 issues to date of the current series, Rob Hanes Adventures. Since the series became an independent comic-book, more than 20 stories and 350 pages have been produced.
  • Reynaldo was among the earliest recipients of a Xeric Foundation Award and is a past nominee of the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer, which is presented annually with the Will Eisner Awards.

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