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Rob Hanes Adventures #13 Now Available

Additional bonus material posted online

Cover to Rob Hanes Adventures #13Following its successful debut at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, WCG Comics publisher Randy Reynaldo announced that issue 13 of Rob Hanes Adventures is now available. Visit the WCG Comics website or IndyPlanet, or request it through your local retailer, to purchase a copy.

As announced previously, the latest issue features two complete adventures: In "Crime Takes a Holiday," Rob’s vacation to the French Riviera is upended when he spots a notorious international crimelord in the area; while in "Not Your Father's Private Eye," Rob becomes the subject of a news magazine article while on assignment. The cover and selected interior pages can be previewed at this link.

Rob Hanes Adventures follows the exploits of a globetrotting troubleshooter from Justice International, who travels around the world on assignment, facing action, intrigue and romance at every turn. Inspired by classic adventure strips like Terry and the Pirates and Buz Sawyer but set in the modern day—with frequent dashes of humor reminiscent of The Spirit—Randy’s work on Rob Hanes Adventures has been a standard-bearer for breezy, fast paced action-adventure art and storytelling.

In addition, as a fun bonus to the issue, two “news articles" that appear as excerpts in the issue have been posted online in their entirety:

Readers of the series will also be excited to know that issue 14 is now in the works: picking up on where issue 13 leaves off, Rob becomes involved in an "Arab spring" revolt sweeping through the Middle East country of Koman when he is hired by the nation's exiled princess to accompany her into the country so that she may re-connect with a former suitor who also happens to head the insurgent uprising.

The issue features a full color cover, 24 black-and-white pages, and retails for $2.99. The entire series is still in print and available, encompassing the 13 issues of the current series and two trade paperbacks of earlier original material.

Launched in 2000 as Rob Hanes Adventures, the series initially debuted as a zine and comic-book in 1991 as Adventure Strip Digest, which have been collected in trade paperback. The series has been widely reviewed, spotlighted and featured in industry print publications, including Comic Buyer's Guide, Comics Retailer, Comic Book Marketplace, Diamond Dialogue, and Previews, and online at and Newsarama. The series was included among Tony Isabella’s 1000 Comic Books You Must Read (Krause Publications, 2009). For more information about the series, visit WCG Comics’s website at

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