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Rob Hanes headshotWelcome to the WCG Comics pressroom, a press packet of images and other resources for the media.

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WCG Comics is the publishing imprint of Randy Reynaldo, creator, writer and artist of the long-running independent comic-book series, Rob Hanes Adventures. In print since 1994, the series is one of the longest-running indie series in comics.

Click here for Randy's bio and here for the company's 20th anniversary overview. A checklist of Randy's output and appearances is available here.

Some basics about the series:

GLOBETROTTING ADVENTURE AND INTRIGUE! Rob Hanes is a globetrotting troubleshooter for Justice International, an "independent contractor" that provides security, intelligence and private investigation services to clients ranging from private citizens, multinational corporations and governments for a price—some call them mercenaries and spies for hire. This simple set-up allows the series to take readersto a different locale every issue and feature stories ripped from today's headlines!

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EVERY ISSUE IS SELF CONTAINED! Since each issue contains a complete adventure, readers can jump in with any issue.

GENRE-BENDING STORIES! Though primarily an action-adventure series, Rob Hanes Adventures regularly features a wide variety of storylines and genres. Past issues have included drawing room murder mysteries, sports, romance, and comedy!

ART IN THE CLASSIC TRADITION! Inspired by the classic adventure comic strips like Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates, Will Eisner's Spirit, and Roy Crane's Buz Sawyer, Randy's graphic black-and-white art has been favorably compared to the work of artists like Alex Toth and the modern-day cartoonists who evoke the same timeless style like Darwyn Cooke and Paul Dini.

Fans of breezy, fast-paced action-adventure fare like Jonny Quest, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Danger Girl and of quality creator-owned independent titles like Jeff Smith's Bone and Batton Lash's Wolff & Byrd will also enjoy the series.

Widely admired for its contemporary storylines, clean storytelling sense and art style, Rob Hanes Adventures has received extensive media coverage and numerous accolades from reviewers and respected online and print industry publications like the the Comics Beat, Comic Book Resources, wired.com, the Comic Buyer's Guide, Comics Retailer, and Comic Book Marketplace. Other honors include a Xeric Foundation Grant, a Russ Manning Award nomination, and several Indy Awards.

(For a complete character profile on Rob and the rest of the series' cast, go to our Character Profiles page!)