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I'm always curious to know how artists (and writers) have their working spaces set up. With this in mind, I have put together this online tour of my studio.

This is me at the drawing table sometime in the 1980s (note the Back to the Future poster!) This was just after college and I was sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate in West Los Angeles.

One corner of my bedroom was my drawing area.

This is the most recent photograph of my office studio. My wife and I rent a 3-bedroom house in West L.A. which gave me the opportunity to convert one of the rooms into a studio. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit of reference material. On the other side of the room is a desktop computer.

And, yes, that is the same drafting table as seen in the photo above. The taboret and art pen holder in the right foreground also date back as far.

I have since rearranged the office and hope to add more photos showing the set-up in the future. My major addition was a heavy-duty four-drawer file cabinet which allowed me to archive materials, including business documents, reference materials, old scripts, correspondence, etc.

At left is my office space, on the other side of the room from my drafting table.

The computer was purchased in 1998. I now color my own covers (using Photoshop 5.5), and produce all the lettering and text pages for my comic-book (using PageMaker 6.5) on this PC compatible. Since this photo was taken, I have since added an 11"x17" scanner (for scanning my art full-size) and a color printer for proofing my color work. Much of my webwork and internet activity is conducted on this computer as well.

At far right, you can see the new file cabinet. On the walls are large blow-ups of cover art. These are the same pieces that are displayed at my booth at comic-book conventions.


Here's another shot of my studio. At left in the background you can see the new file cabinet. Next to the drafting table is my taboret of art supplies.

I can see that on the drawing board, in the lower right hand corner of the photo, is the original black-and-white art for the spash page to Rob Hanes Adventures #2. To the left of it is an issue of National Geographic -- no doubt for reference.

Here's another shot of me hard at work in my Palms office. As an indicaton of how old this photo is (aside from the Back to the Future poster seen earlier), there was actually a Commodore 64 computer sitting just out of view of the desk at left. This was just before the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution, so the Commodore 64 really didn't have any real practical applications for my comics work -- but I did use it for scripts, etc.

A night shot of the '80s studio. You can just make out the Commodore 64.

(I must have cleaned up before I took these photos -- I'm really not that neat!)

Here is a black-and-white shot showing me hard at work in the evening hours. As my wife goes to bed much earlier than me, this is the time when I am most productive!

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