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A shot of WCG's booth in the small press area of the Comicon International: San Diego.
Imperial stormtroopers conduct a security check in the main lobby of the San Diego Convention Center, just outside the main convention hall.

My wife, Sadina, at my booth. She was seven months pregnant with our first child when this photo was taken. (See our personal website for photos and details!)

Though she's not a serious comic-book fan, Sadina always enjoys the show. She attended most of the Star Wars panels and previews, and enthusiastically helped promote Rob Hanes Adventures.

Sadina does read Batman Adventures, loves the new Robin (at least the version in the WB animated series), and says that Aquaman was her favorite super-hero when she was a child. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the board, Mr. Will Eisner, meeting fans during a signing at Kevin Smith's View Askew booth.

Eisner, of course, is one of the true pioneers (and earliest entrepreneurs!) of the comic-book medium. After helping to establish the comic-book industry (and the comic-book sweatshop) in the 1930s, he created the Spirit, a syndicated adventure strip series that ran from 1940-1952, founded a company that published educational materials in comic-book form, and then returned to his original love by producing what is considered the first comic-book "graphic novel," entitled A Contract with God (of which I own an autographed first edition). He continues to publish groundbreaking work, many autobiographical in nature. DC Comics is currently collecting his entire run of the Spirit chronologically in hardcover format.

Batton Lash and his lovely wife Jackie Estrada at their Supernatural Law booth. Batton and Jackie are friends from way back, and have been very supportive of me and many other self-publishers. Jackie also does a fantastic job managing the Eisner Awards at the comicon.
How could I pass this up -- Green Lantern (my brother's favorite character) and Aquaman (Sadina's favorite) strike a pose.

One of many Lara Crofts at the convention.

I don't think Sadina was too thrilled when she saw this photo!

The table set-up at my booth. I'm constantly playing around with the layout, trying to figure out what is the most eye-catching to passers-by!
Spiderman signs an autograph at the Marvel Comics booth.

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