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In April and May 1994, the WCG Theatre Players gathered at Sam and Dan Studios in North Hollywood to record the Rob Hanes audioshow, "Three Days of the Fanboy." Produced, written and directed by WCG Staffer Bob Westal, the audiotape was performed by members of the WCG Bullpen, many of whom have acting experience. Below are some behind-the-scenes photos of the recording sessions. (The radio show is still available -- see the online catalog.) 

By the way, the reason these photos are in black and white was that I was going for an old-fashioned look.

Here are the principal cast and crew members of the radio show in the recording studio.

From left to right are Bob Westal, Scott Brick, Terry Delegeane, and David Gordy.
We have all known each other since our college days at UCLA. 

Bob was the writer and director of the show, using his UCLA film degree to whip the script and cast into shape. I had mentioned doing such an audioshow half as a joke, but it was Bob who actually did the research that made the whole thing possible.

Here's castmember Scott Brick in a faux promotional shot. Scott played the Narrator and one of the show's leads, Fanboy Johnson McFeely.

I don't think anyone involved with the recording would disagree when I say that Scott's performance set the standard for the recording. A theatre major at UCLA, Scott has stage and film experience -- he is also a big fan of old-time radio (esp. of Jack Benny), which earned him the job of Narrator Bob Westal, despite the fact that it was initially intended for Bob Westal himself.

I should add that Scott's also an accomplished stage fencer, and one of his career highlights was to play the lead in "Cyrano Debergerac," for which he won a local best actor award.

Scott's also a proud comic-book fan himself, and until recently was an industry journalist for Wizard and the Comic Buyer's Guide. And while I wouldn't suggest that this gig necessarily furthered Scott's career, he does now actually professionally record books on tape!

This is Terry Delegeane, who did the voice of Rob Hanes and various other characters, including most of the celebrity impersonations in the audioshow.

Terry, too, has strong theater experience. Although Terry was a fellow English major at UCLA, he appeared in numerous plays at UCLA and in several community theater productions afterwards, usually musicals.

Terry is now managing editor at Bongo Comics, and I am to blame for getting him involved in a life of comics; after introducing him to American Flagg!, he never looked back. 

This is Terry, David Gordy and Scott Brick around the studio microphone (I'm sure this is a posed shot as well.)

It was fun being in a recording studio -- although fully equipped, the studio was actually a converted garage in North Hollywood. The room pictured at right was actually a soundproof recording studio, separate from the engineering booth.

The postproduction work was also fun and it was fascinating laying down the music and sound effects after we did the voices. The engineer, Scott Kolden, who was a child actor, really got into it, probably because it was a nice departure from the music bands that likely made up the majority of his clientele. 

Here's my own posed shot -- not an actor at all, I had the dubious honor of playing myself on the audioshow.

We probably should have cast Scott instead! 

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