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Going around the table from left: Homer Tom, Bob Westal, David Gordy, me, my then-girlfriend (now wife) Sadina Rothspan, and Terry Delegeane (now managing editor at Bongo Comics).
Here I am with a group of friends at dinner during the 1994 San Diego Comicon who form part of what I half-jokingly call the "WCG Bullpen." Most are buddies of mine from my college days at UCLA.

It is a tradition for us who attend the convention to have an end-of-con dinner. We used to always meet at the Andersen's Restaurant (of the famed split pea soup) off of the I-5 between San Diego and Los Angeles where we live, but the closing of Anderson's several years ago sadly ended the Anderson's era. We still meet, but it's just not the same as going to Anderson's! 

This is a shot of the WCG Comics booth at the 1998 Comic-Con International, where I introduced a full-size exhibition booth.

The booth features oversize color scans of my covers. It is constructed out of PVC piping, black felt over posterboard, and velcro. It was designed to be portable. 

From left to right: Bob Westal, me, Terry Delegeane, and Scott Brick. Bob produced wrote and directed the "Three Days of the Fanboy" Rob Hanes audiotape. Scott, another longtime friend, was freelancing as a comics industry journalist for Wizard and the CBG.
Here is the WCG crew at the 1995 Eisner Awards, which are hosted by the San Diego Comicon. I was nominated for the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer that year, hence the table. Around this time, the comicon was beginning to try to make the ceremony a bit more "upscale," hence the sport jackets. Many of the nominees do come dressed more formally than one usually expects of cartoonists!
These are two fan attendees at the comicon, dressed as Klingons, being interviewed by a news crew covering the show. The two fans stayed in Klingon character during the interview.

For those of you who have never attended a comicon, you will see many, many people dressed in elaborate, sophisticated costumes like this. In fact, a regular tradition at the Comicon is a costume contest. 

Stan Sakai, creator of the popular Usugai Yojimbo, signs autographs at his booth as part of the "Trilogy Tour." For several years, he shared the booth with fellow independent creators Jeff Smith (Bone) and Linda Medley (Castle Waiting).

I'm proud to say that I know Stan, not only because we are colleague cartoonists, but also because we are both members of the Cartoon Arts Profssional Society (CAPS), which meets monthly in Los Angeles. 

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