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 Below is a small photo scrapbook of past comic-book conventions where WCG has exhibited. These include the San Diego comicons in 1993-96 and '98, Oakland WonderCon in 1995-96, the Chicago Wizard Show in '97, APE in San Jose in 1995-97 and San Francisco in 2001, and the Spirits of Independents Tour in 1995.
Here I am at my small press booth in the 1993 San Diego Comic-Con, the year they introduced the small press area. As you can see from the items on the table, I was only doing digest fanzine at the time.

It was the overwhelming response to the series -- particularly from pros like Karl Kesel, Scott McCloud, and others -- that encouraged me to move into self-publishing the series as a full-size independent comic-book.

A few tables down, Jeff Smith (Bone) was also promoting his series. Whatever happened to him anyway?

Here I am at the 1995 San Diego Comicon. 

This was my first year in the show's Independents' Pavilion. I did the small press area again in '94 and was scheduled to do so again in '95 show when, at the last moment, I was contacted by Astro Comics self-publisher B.C. Boyer (Hilly Rose). He had received a special offer for a full-size booth in the new independent comics area of the convention, and B.C. asked if I wanted to split the booth with him. It was fun to "graduate" to a full-size booth.

Here's an exterior shot of the San Diego Convention Center, site of the Comic-Con International, taken at the 1998 show. With the exception of the 2000 show, I have attended every convention since about 1984. (I missed the 2000 show due to my wedding the same month-- I was actually honeymooning in Tokyo during the show.)

The convention center was built in the early '90s--prior to then, the San Diego show was held at the old convention center. It was a very different and much more intimate show back then. 

Here is BC Boyer and me at the booth in 1995.
A shot of the San Diego convention's exhibitor's floor, taken from the mezzanine level. This is only a small portion of the floor -- the entire convention center is used during the show, including all the upper conference rooms where discussion panels and various presentations take place, nearly round-the-clock.

The show at last count attracted nearly 40,000 people during its four-day run, and continues to experience attendance growth every year.

In 1997, I opted to attend the Chicago Comicon--this is Sadina and me at the booth. 

This was the year that the comics industry magazine, Wizard, purchased the show. They've since renamed it the Wizard Comicon.

My parents and brother actually joined us at the show and turned it into a vacation. Since the show is traditionally held over the July 4th weekend, we got to see the city's fireworks show. Sadina and I actually stayed a few days extra and explored Chicago quite a bit. It's a great city.

This is my brother, Rodney, and Sadina at the booth in Chicago.

Rod has always been a great help with me at my shows and at WCG Comics. For those of you who know the history of WCG, the company was founded when I was a kid--so Rod has been there since the very beginning. He got into computer graphics before I did and actually did the first computer-designed WCG Comics logo which is found on all my early books. I've since redesigned it, but I remember how excited I was when Rod came up with the first logo.

This is a booth of two friends and fellow cartoonists, Steve Conley (Astounding Space Thrills) and Stephen Blue, at the 1998 San Diego Comicon. They were sharing a booth at the show.

Stephen Blue and I first met at the 1995 Alternative Press Expo, on a panel of Xeric Foundation Grant winners (we both received grants the same year.) At an after-show party, I remember Stephen and I kicking back and reminiscing about comics we loved when we were growing up in the '70s, like the great Superman vs. Muhammad Ali team-up by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams!

A photo of the Bongo Comics booth, publisher of the Simpsons Comics. The individual in the center is the managing editor, Terry Delegeane. We are best friends who attended UCLA together; in fact, I was the person who got Terry interested in comics!!
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