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At right is the WCG Comics booth in the small press area of the convention.

At left is a thumbnail image of my contribution to the convention's souvenir program. The art is a tribute to cartoonist Will Eisner, a comic-book industry legend who passed away earlier in the year. He was active to the very end and the industry equivalent of the Academy Award's Oscars, the "Eisners" are named for him. (See my written tribute to him or see the art at left full size).

The drawing features my character, as well as Eisner's signature character, the Spirit.

I received a lot of nice comments about this art; in past years, I have sold my original program art (and this item is for sale as well!)

A shot of the crowded floor during a typical day at the con.

(NOTE: During the show, a roll of film was inadvertantly exposed while still in my camera, so to supplement my sparse photos, some photos in this gallery are actually from other sources; I have given full credit for these sources. Many of the attendees and exhibitors are the same from year to year, so you may wish to also visit the gallery from the 2004 show which has a lot more pictures!)

This photo was taken from the official CCI website.

Here is a shot of the always-popular Bud Plant booth, a mainstay at CCI. Bud Plant specializes in graphic novels, art books, etc., with a comics or art focus.

(This shot taken from Chuck Rosanski's Mile High Comics daily e-update of the show)

The cavernous lobby of the San Diego convention hall, taken from the top of the escalator at the second level.

My daughter Peri poses with some stormtroopers.

Strangers asked to take pictures too because "She's so cute!"

One of the most creative and amusing costumes at the show was this Elvis stormtrooper. After my brother took this photo and thanked him, Elvis quite appropriately said, "Thank you very much."

(Photo courtesy of Rodney Reynaldo).

Below, Batman walks the floor of the convention...and, of course, Robin isn't too far behind..


Boba Fett provides a photo op before taking an elevator down to parking. Which begs the question -- why does Boba Fett have to take the elevator?

Pretty girls in revealing costumes are a staple of the convention (in fact, I believe the organizers established some standards and policies since the convention is supposed to be family-friendly), and this young woman attracted quite a crowd near my table on one of the days of the show.

For you non-cognoscenti, she is dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars, Episode III: The Return of the Jedi, in the costume that set many fanboy hearts a-flutter when the film was originally released....

An older-generation version of Batman and Robin, with Wonder Woman, pose for citizens.

(Photo taken from Chuck Rosanski's Mile High Comics daily e-update of the show)

I took this photo for my brother, who is a big fan of the Green Lantern comic-book series and characters.

Here, four fans dressed as different members of the Green Lantern Corps give convention goers a photo op.

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