The "imaginary" cover at right expresses my knee-jerk reaction to the Sept. 11 attack on innocent U.S. civilians. A cheap revenge fantasy? Yes, but it was cathartic and my  way of dealing with the tragedy,  using a medium of expression I am most comfortable with--comics.

The cover echoes the jingoistic comic-books of past eras, most notably World War II, when demonized adversaries like Hitler and Tojo were often depicted receiving their deserved comeuppance from the likes of  Superman,Captain America, or Blackhawk

Reality, however, is much different and more complex than simple comic-book justice. For these reasons, a commentary about  this matter that complements this drawing is also available. The essay discusses in more depth the complexities and challenges facing us in this "Brave New World."

Art copyright 2001
by Randy Reynaldo

Page created 10/01

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